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Electrostatic Disinfection

Professional Electrostatic Disinfection (with Touchpoint cleaning)

Efficiently cleaning germs on surfaces and objects

How does electrostatic spray work?

Electrostatic spray gives objects an even, 360-degree coating made possible by the negative charge of the sprayed solution as it exits the tool’s nozzle and the positive charge of the surfaces it reaches.  It atomizes cleaning solutions in this way, using electrostatics to attach to and wrap around harmful microorganisms and remove them from surfaces, including those difficult to reach.  It is a safe application and works immediately when sprayed. PRIOR TO electrostatic disinfection we do a thorough touchpoint cleaning throughout the areas we are treating to remove build up and grime off surfaces for an optimal application to kill any viruses, microorganisms and infections.

What are the benefits of electrostatic disinfection?

  • Aids infection control and helps prevent the spread of viruses like influenza, coronavirus, MRSA, HIV and many other infections
  • Applies chemicals to surfaces in a controlled manner to eliminate overuse, reduce the amount of chemicals used, and reduce the amount of waste produced
  • Protects companies against costly financial burdens associated with contagious infections and loss of productivity
  • Serves as a defense from cross-contamination and moving germs and bacteria from one surface to another
  • Continued periodic use kills germs, bacteria, and viruses brought in to facilities and kills said microorganisms from surfaces and lasts for a while.  Higher traffic areas and use benefit from said periodic continued use.

“We think outside the box with our touchpoint cleaning prior to the electrostatic disinfection!”

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“We are so pleased with the job First Impressions does for us! I highly recommend them. Very thorough and reasonably priced.”

— Debbie Carlson, Coldwell Banker Vision